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Art of Locke

Locke is the main antagonist of Cannon Busters and the "Mystic Emperor" who made a deal with the Essence of Magic. He is the son of King Bulgher and murdered him when he took control of the kingdom. He has an elite combat squad known as "The Fraternity" under his command.


Born in the dark realm of the southlands, unknown to most Locke was the first son of King Bulgher. Becoming a sorcerer in an era where magic was though extinct he made a deal with the Essence of Magic with the goal of obtaining the "Last Heart". Attacking the Kingdom of Botica with his army, including powerful War Golem Cannon Busters, Locke takes the kingdom over night but is unable to find his half-brother Kelby and so sends his forces to locate the young prince. In anger, he also kills their father Bulgher.

Powers and Abilities[]

Magic:Locke is a sorcerer the only one shown so far in the series being able to do magical feats:

  • Levitation and flight
  • Memory extraction
  • Superhuman strength
  • Robot Takeover