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Cannon Busters is a Netflix anime adaptation of the Cannon Busters comic series. Its twelve-episode first season was released on Netflix on August 15, 2019.


In 2014, LeSean Thomas started a crowdfunding drive through Kickstarter for an animated adaptation of Cannon Busters.[1] Helping with the project are Tim Yoon who worked as a producer for shows such as The Legend of Korra and Batman: Under the Red Hood, comic book artist Joe Madureira who assisted with character designs.

A pilot episode was released to backers on July 8, 2016.

On August 2, 2017, it was announced that Cannon Busters would be released on Netflix.[2] It is a 12-episode series. On July 6, 2018, Netflix announced a March 1, 2019 premiere date.[3] However, the series was delayed as it was not included in the Netflix slate for March 2019.[4] On May 30, 2019, British anime distributor Manga Entertainment appointed Reemsborko Ltd as the worldwide agent for Cannon Busters and that the series would be released on Netflix in late 2019.[5] The series was released on Netflix on August 15, 2019.[6] The 12-episode series was directed and written by LeSean Thomas, with Matt Wayne, Natasha Allegri, Anne Toole, and Nilah Magruder writing scripts alongside Thomas.[7]

Takahiro Natori debuted as a director with the series with LeSean Thomas himself acting as chief director; character designs were handled by Tetsuya Kumagi, and the series featured music composed by Bradley Denniston and Kevin Begg. Satelight and Yumeta Company produced and co-animated the series.


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Character English Japanese
S.A.M. Kamali Minter
Philly the Kid Kenn Michael
Barry Mitchell (young)
Casey Turnbuckle Stephanie Sheh
Kelby Zeno Robinson
Odin Darien Sils-Evans
Fredro Alex Mendoza
Hilda Angelique Perrin
Coin Angelique Perrin
Locke Billy Bob Thompson
Syrena Camille Winbush
Bob Bob Catero Colbert
Tiephoyd Cristina Vee
Joe Bob DC Cody
Moldwarp Darin De Paul
JT Dave Burchell
Lady Day Debra Wilson
9ine Greg Chun
Dimwiddle Joe Hanna
King Bulgher John Bentley
Manic Kausar Mohammed
Seezar Keith Silverstein
Black Claw Kevin Greivoux
Lorelei Kimberly Marable
Bridge Marianne Miller
Victoria Marianne Miller
Dex Mela Lee
Jojo Melissa Hutchinson
Fake Philly Ogie Banks
Mama Hitch Rolonda Watts
Mumbles Rolonda Watts
Leet Stephanie Sheh
12welve Sumalee Montano
Batty Trevor Devall
Fetter Trevor Devall
Quizmaster Trevor Devall


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